Our hospital is dedicated to small animal pets.

We aim to prevent diseases and to treat the ill and injured to facilitate their recovery. We use our knowledge of veterinary medicine, nutrition and animal behaviour to improve the health and quality of life for your pet. We reduce the pain and suffering when necessary.

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The Burquitlam Animal Hospital (BAH) opened its doors for the first time in 1959.

For over 40 years we served the community at 559 Clarke Road until changes in the area in 2016 motivated us to find a new facility after 40 years! The new clinic reopened on  Dec 2nd 2015, just a few blocks away ( 658 Clarke Road).


Our Team

We also pride ourselves on the low turnover in our staff and relationships with families and their pets that last decades.

Dr. Dave Courtice provided dedicated care from the time Burquitlam opened its doors until his retirement in 2001. Dr. Hopkins joined the practice in 1985 (and still leads the practice today) and Dr. Kurtz joined the team in 1988. Our staff also have decades of caring dedication: Tara (veterinary technician) has been on team since 1975! Our more recent staff are also enthusiastic, knowledgeable and happy to be part of such a strong team

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