PET 911

At Burquitlam Animal Hospital we believe that informed owners make for happier pets. Get important information about training and caring for your cat by following the links below.

Travelling Internationally With Your Pets

Travelling Internationally With Your Pets   Thinking of travelling with your pet this summer?  While it may be fun and exciting to share a vacation with your beloved furry family member there are [...]

Tick Awareness Month

With the temperature now warming up for spring make sure you and your pets are protected against ticks and fleas! Tick populations are increasing in Canada and can have an affect on both you and [...]

Hot tips to stay cool!

With summer in full swing many of us are trying to think of ways to help keep our pets cool in the heat! Here are some tips that we have [...]

Wondering About Nutrition?

Kaylie, one of our technicians, recently attended a 2 day conference on nutrition hosted by Purina in Richmond BC. Two jam packed days of pet nutrition seminars and presentations on some of the new [...]

Closing early Dec 14th

Please note we will be closing early: Wednesday December 14th at 6pm Our staff will be attending a continuing education lecture together. Thank you for your understanding!

Dental Care for your Pet

What to expect from a dental cleaning Your pet will receive a complete cleaning of the teeth, both above and below the gum line. This is important because tartar is actually an accumulation of [...]