On November 12th, we were saddened to learn that Burquitlam Animal Hospital’s beloved founder, Dr Dave Courtice, passed away peacefully in hospice in Nanaimo. He was surrounded by his family.

Doc. C opened the doors of Burquitlam Animal Hospital back in 1959, ready to serve the pets and people of this fine community. He did so with the greatest of care, professionalism, heart and humor!

Doc C set the tone of how he wanted his hospital to run. He believed teamwork was essential to provide the best care possible, and he also wanted us to have a good time doing it.

Dr. Hopkins came to the practice in 1984 and became a partner soon after. Doc C. knew his young partner was up to the  task of continuing the legacy he had started. Doc C had put his heart and soul into the hospital.

Well Doc, we are going strong after 57 years and we thank you for starting it all! This vet tech is so proud to have been fortunate enough to work with you and learn from the very best. I hope you are proud of the little animal hospital and how far she has come. We’ll miss you.

Written by Tara S, Veterinary Technician