Travelling Internationally With Your Pets


Thinking of travelling with your pet this summer?  While it may be fun and exciting to share a vacation with your beloved furry family member there are many things to take into consideration.

  1. Make sure to prepare well ahead of time as there may be paperwork as well as blood tests required by the importing country.  Some good resources to start your research can be found below at the end of this article.  Your veterinarian can help fill out most of the paperwork but timing is very important for your pet’s travel documentation.
  2. Know the regulations for the airline you are flying with.
  3. Make sure they’re comfortable during transport.  If you are going on the plane with your pet, make sure they are familiar with their carriers as travelling can be a stressful event.  Talk to your veterinarian about giving anti-anxiety or sedating drugs to help ease travel stress if necessary.
  4. Know what diseases or parasites to protect your pet against whilst you’re abroad.  Your veterinarian can help you cater your pet’s anti-parasitic protocol based on your destination.
  5. Book an appointment with your veterinarian so you can discuss any questions or concerns.