Help us celebrate “Vet Tech Week” at Burquitlam Animal Hospital!

From October 16th – 22nd it is “National Veterinary Technician Week”. We at the hospital are celebrating with our two technicians!!

Meet Tara and Kaylie!

Tara (on the left) has been working here for over 40 years! Technicians are a lot like nurses, but for furry patients! Our technicians are responsible for a variety of different tasks under the veterinarian supervision. Their day to day involves monitoring anesthesia, taking blood samples, performing dental cleanings, taking x-rays, running laboratory tests and much more. Of course their most important and favorite job is to be in charge of cuddling and loving on all the pets that we have in hospital. Whether a pet is in for surgery, or is being hospitalized, the technicians are there to make sure they are comfortable and as stress-free as possible. Our technicians work side by side with the doctors to ensure that optimal care is given to all of our patients. Help us by celebrating National Vet Tech Week by introducing yourself to our technicians next time you are in with your pets!

Vet Tech Week - Tara & Kaylie